2023 Tax Center

This page is your central source for information about the preparation and filing of your 2023 tax returns.  

When do we need your tax return information?

In order for your personal returns to be prepared by the original due date, we will need to have your complete information no later than March 08, 2024. If we receive your information on or before March 8th, we will complete your returns before or by April 14th.

After March 8th, we will need to file an extension for you and complete your returns after April 15th.  Filing an extension does not extend your time to pay your taxes, it only extends the time to file your returns.  If you have a balance due and it is paid after the original due date, you will incur additional interest and penalties.  If additional calcutions are necessary to compute an extension payment, additional fees will apply.

Help Us Help You!

When you provide us your original documents, please do not staple, highlight or write on your documents.  We run all of your documents through our scanner and "clean" documents scan much better.  Highlighted amounts come through as blacked out.  If you need to provide information about a specific form or amount on a form, please do it on a separate piece of paper and reference the form by name or number.

EMAILING TAX DOCUMENTS IS NOT SECURE UNLESS THEY ARE ENCRYPTED!  Please use ShareFile on the next tab to upload documents to us securely. 

SMART PHONES:  If you are going to send us a document by taking a picture with your smart phone, use an app like Office Lens.  Office Lens saves the picture as a PDF file and auto-corrects for angle and skew.  You can download the app from the iTunes app store for free.

Office Lens

Individual Tax Return Preparation.....

    1.      How to Get Started on your 2023 Tax Returns

    2.      Engagement Letter - 1040  (A signed Engagement Letter is required before we can begin preparing your returns.)

    3.      For returning clients, we will be emailing custom Client Organizers by the end of January with your prior year's information pre-printed.  The email will contain additional instructions on how to access the organizer.  If you'd prefer to receive a paper organizer by mail, email Stacey@Kirkeyandco.com and she will send it to you.

    4.      For new clients, you can call or email Stacey to give her some information about yourself and then we'll send you an organizer as well.

    5.      In addition to the forms included in your Client Organizer, the following are commonly used:

Rental Income

Sole Proprietor - Schedule C

Clergy Housing

If you have other types of income or information and would like a specific organizer page, please email Stacey.

Kid's Returns (as long as they are still your dependent)

Unless they are unusually complex (rare), the following fees apply:

  • Under age 14                 $50.00
  • Age 14-17                      $75.00
  • Age 18-23                    $100.00
  • Age 24-25                    $150.00
  • 26+ or married     Standard rate

Would you prefer to fill out an electronic Organizer on the web?       

We are continuing a program this tax season where you can fill out your tax organizer through a secure web portal. The Organizer is interactive and adjusts based on how you answer questions and it has your prior year's data proforma'd to speed up your entry.  It also gives you the option to attach scanned documents. 

If you'd like to use it, send me an email (Dave@KirkeyandCo.com) and I'll send you an email invite to setup a client portal account.  The link below will take you to the portal login screen.

         Web Organizer Portal

Charitable Values:  If you need guidance regarding the valuation of items you donated to charities, the Salvation Army’s Valuation Guide is available on our Links page.

Need to Schedule a Meeting:  If you like to come to our office to go over your information before we prepare your returns, please call 614-777-5007 or email Stacey@KirkeyandCo.com to schedule an appointment.

Drop off:  If you’d like to drop off your information, but don’t need to talk to us about it, there is a secure drop box by the back door. Just give us a call so we know to look for it!

Business Return Engagement Letters......

If we are going to be preparing business returns, we need a separate engagement letter even if we are preparing your personsal returns.  Please select, print and sign the applicable letter(s) from the list below.

          S Corporation Tax Returns Engagement Letter

          LLC/Partnership Tax Returns Engagement Letter

          Trust Tax Returns Engagement Letter

          Non-Profit Returns Engagement Letter

How can I get copies of my returns?

We've been electronically filing most returns for many years and we are continuing to move toward an entirely paperless process. When your returns are finished, we'll upload to ShareFile all of your original source documents and PDF copies of your returns. We will, of course, return all of your original documents. Some tax forms (i.e., estimated payment vouchers and some city returns) are still in paper format, so those will still be provided to you in paper for filing.

This paperless process will save paper and reduce the amount of space it takes for you (and us) to store your records. In addition, if you need to provide someone a copy of your return, usually a bank, then you'll have access to the PDF files through your ShareFile portal.

If you prefer to receive the hard copy folder or a CD as we've prepared in the past, it will be provided at no additional charge.

After your returns are completed, you can check on the status of your refund by going the Links page. The Tax section at the bottom of the page has links to check your federal and Ohio refund status.

Click here if you need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.