Our Firm

What makes our firm different?

What makes us different from other CPA firms is our ability to look beyond the numbers. Like many CPA’s, we provide essential tax, auditing, accounting and consulting services required for clients to stay in business. Everyone should expect their CPA to provide basic compliance services. What makes us notably valuable is our ideas that impact the financial results. We help our clients keep more of what they earn by planning, suggesting operational improvements and providing additional vision to enhance our client’s successful or economically struggling ventures.

Our Strategic Advantage

At Catalano, Caboor & Co. you receive service and advice. We strike a balance between the major firms and the smaller local CPA firms. Large enough to provide specialty services, but small enough to provide responsive, personalized attention. Unlike many firms, our feeling is that monitoring financial results throughout the year far outweighs the “once a year” client approach. Controlling costs is critical, but ensuring a proper financial outcome is vital.